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Dream House Raffle

As you know by now, we were unable to fulfill our dream of giving away a wonderful home. We truly thank all of you for supporting the effort in trying to raise money to help pay off the current loan for needed stadium improvements at Middletown High School. In spite of the tremendous outpouring of volunteer efforts to make the Dream House Raffle come to fruition, we did not succeed. We sold a total of 4313 tickets; however, pursuant to the State of Maryland’s requirements we had to submit a minimum ticket number with our application. Our minimum number was to sell 6,000 tickets. We needed to sell this many tickets to cover the value of the home, closing costs, etc. and to realize a reasonable return for the time, effort, and expense (marketing, accounting, legal, IT, and advertising costs) of the raffle. Unfortunately, we were not successful and must look to other fundraising efforts to meet our financial needs.

To that end, we are asking you to consider helping our cause by donating the cost of your ticket to the Sports Club instead of requesting a refund. The full amount will be donated directly back to the Sports Club. The Sports Club still needs to raise funds to help pay off the loan for the improvements made to date, the turf field, track, etc. The Middletown High School Stadium hosts teams for various sports for local, regional and state events. More importantly, the stadium is the center of our community and a tremendous source of pride, which provides countless hours of fun and entertainment to our community.

Donations are tax deductible (please consult your tax adviser for details). If you wish to make a donation, simply check the donation box and sign below. To receive a refund, check the refund box. Email form to or mail to the address above.

We accept your support with heartfelt appreciation and we truly appreciate anyone who can donate a raffle ticket back to the club.

Please access for donation/refund information.

You can also print this form and mail to the MHS Sports Club.  Please click here for form Refund or Donate Form